Bali Exotic Marine Park is Bali’s largest marine conservation institution, boasting Indonesia’s largest saltwater pool as a home for our rescued dolphins. Follow our journey today!
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Rescue, Rehab, Release

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Educate & Rehabilitate
Bali Exotic Marine Park offers therapeutic swim sessions for adults to treat widespread stress & tension symptoms plus a dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) program for handicapped children and adults!
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Bali Exotic Marine Park - The #1 Dolphin Experience

Bali Official Re-Opening for International Tourism on 11th September! Read the details…

Enjoy the opportunity to closely observe our dolphins in a deep-water dolphin experience. Observe, learn about and swim with dolphins at the Bali Exotic Marine Park’s conservation dolphin park. You can find our various dolphins interaction packages here. Through research, rescue, therapy and education activities, Bali Exotic Marine Park aims to help build our knowledge and appreciation of the marvelous variety of sea life. We work with some of the biggest commissions in Indonesia, and have set up the Marine Rescue & Protection Foundation (MRPF).