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Special designed programs for your excitement and a unique experience in interacting with dolphins in our pool at our facility. More Info…

DAT Programs

Dolphin Assisted Therapy Center treating successful stress symptoms and physical / psychical disabilities of children & adults. More Info…

Education Center

In “Dolphin Assisted Therapeutic Treatments” for therapists & students and in “Dolphin Care and Training”. More Info…


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The #1 Dolphin Experience

Enjoy swimming & interaction
with our lovely dolphins!

Bali Exotic Marine Park offers hands-on learning about dolphin life, interaction and environmental conservation each day through our dolphin interaction programs. Our educational interaction programs are aimed at the general public, international tourists & locals alike. It is designed to give people the chance to form real, empathy bonds with our Bali dolphin that will inspire the awareness to conserve the worlds fragile environment. Throughout your experience with us, you will be taken into the magical world of dolphins at the Bali Exotic Marine Park as you spend time learning about this amazing and intelligent mammals.

bali dolphin

Beside our interaction & swim programs we also offer therapeutic swim sessions for adults to treat widespread stress & tension (“stress & tension release” – SRT Program) symptoms and a dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) program in the field of successful animal assisted therapy for various indications special tailored for children and adults under guidance of a certified therapist.

In connection with our Bali dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) programs we offer 2 different internship programs for students from all over the world interested in the therapeutic or in the dolphin care & training field. Please find more details about DAT and our internship programs at Bali Dolphin Therapy.

Awesome Moments

Enjoy the opportunity to closely observe our dolphins in a deep-water dolphin experience. Observe, learn about and swim with dolphins at the Bali Exotic Marine Park’s conservation dolphin park. You can find our various Bali dolphin interaction packages here. Through research, rescue, therapy and education activities, Bali Exotic Marine Park aims to help build our knowledge and appreciation of the marvelous variety of sea life. We work with some of the biggest commissions in Indonesia, and have set up the Marine Rescue & Protection Foundation (MRPF).

Our Happy Customers

  • 5 star review  my kids very happy playing with the dolphin,new experience

    thumb Ayu Respati

    5 star review  People might say why keep these animals in captivity but i must say thats a chance to learn from them and to get to love them and to care about them. It seems the dolphins are well maintained and handled in here. we had lots of fun and an experience for kids and us which we will never forget thanks to all the staff and team over there and we hope the tourism crisis is soon over and you get more paying tourists over there keep your place as it is right now well maintained and clean and you will have no problem to worry about...

    thumb Oliver Baum

    5 star review  Loved it been and done other dolphin places in Cuba and all but that one by far was the best and please choose discovery program straight away as you will have a lot of time with dolphins and a lot of interaction and some tricks like pulling you and jumping over your head well worth it 🙂

    thumb patryk wisniewski
  • 5 star review  Great place for leisure! Children will be delighted! Competent staff! The park area is clean, friendly staff! You will be offered water and a sandwich for free! Dolphins are cool, I'm thrilled! The only thing is the price, it is too high for 40 minutes of presentation. Once you can go, but no more!)

    thumb *АНТИ МАССАЖИСТ*

    5 star review  Great place for leisure! Children will be delighted! Competent staff! The park area is clean, friendly staff! You will be offered water and a sandwich for free! Dolphins are cool, I'm thrilled! The only thing is the price, it is too high for 40 minutes of presentation. Once you can go, but no more!)

    thumb Sergey *АНТИ МАССАЖИСТ* Makeev

    5 star review  Best experience!!! Rico and Monica are amazing and made us very comfortable. Rico has a great sense of humour and is great with dolphins.

    thumb Rabea Darwiche
  • 5 star review  We had a very gud experience here.. when we went it was not crowded, we almost had a personal interaction with dolphins... It was super gud. We enjoyed... The way they have kept dolphins is gud.. they take care of them very nicely

    thumb riya chouksey

    5 star review  Beautiful place

    thumb Andika Putra

    5 star review  This marine park is one of the best in Bali, it is also act as a dolphin conservatory, and educational park. And don't worry about the dolphin living condition, there are no chemical substance added to the pool water, instead they use powerful jet pump and filter to keep the water clean. Nowadays, it is very hard to see a company that pay a lot of attention to our environment, Salute to this one

    thumb Tommy Wijaya
  • 5 star review  Great experience

    thumb Amal Gadelhaq

    5 star review  Literally one of the best experiences in my life!! Cuddling and swimming with dolphins!!!!The staff and dolphins were so lovely! Highly recommend!! We will 100% come back every time we come to bali now! Thanks guys!!

    thumb Veronica Margary

    5 star review  Education place for dolphin

    thumb Prawono Meruanto
  • 5 star review  Pengalaman yang seru bisa berenang bareng Lumba-Lumba, tapi di sini kita bukan sekedar Berenang, tapi mendapat edukasi mengenai Lumba-lumba itu sendiri. Dan yang perlu di ingat disini Lumba-lumba tidak di exsploitasi tapi mereka di jaga & di rawat dengan Baik dan ada dokter hewan khusus yang memantau mereka selama 24 jam. Selain itu makanan lumba-lumba dari ikan yang segar.

    thumb Oky Rianto

    5 star review  Good place, good food, i love bali exotic ❤

    thumb Hendy Pradana

    5 star review  Taman edukasi dan konservasi satwa mamalia laut. Cocok untuk study tour pelajar lokal maupun luar Bali

    thumb toto mourinho
  • 5 star review  It was an amazing experience to interact, do tricks, feed, kiss, play and swim with the dolphins in several ways with my wife. We loved it! The place is cool, the staff is very kind and nice. Absolute 5* 🐬 Wish you a good luck for the future. See you next time! 🙂 David & Reka from Hungary ❤️

    thumb David Almassy

    5 star review  Good vocation...

    thumb meihwa starelectric