Our organisation was formed in 2017 out of an idea. The idea is to conduct conservation efforts of marine ecosystem & animals through education, specifically interactive education. As a certified conservation institution, our goal is to spread awareness by actively supporting research & education about marine ecosystems and ultimately, save them.

If you found an injured animal, please call our 24/7 hotline: +62 853-3883-3688

Bali Exotic Marine Park aims to be the forefront defenders of marine ecosystem and wildlife in the South East Asian region by the year 2030.

We are on a quest to be the largest marine mammal conservation in Southeast Asia region and we work towards preserving and protecting the marine ecosystem.

As a form of commitment, Bali Exotic Marine Park will serve as:

  • Rescue centre for any injured marine animals that are unfortunate enough to be affected by pollution, illegal hunting, and other man-caused harmful activities.
  • Rehabilitation centre to prepare the animals for an eventual release whenever possible.
  • Conserving the environment by sharing knowledge and raising awareness regarding the marine ecosystem to persuade the public to preserve our precious oceans and the creatures living in it.


In our Dolphin Interaction programme, guests are given the chance to closely observe a dolphin in a deep-water encounter. Through interactive education, we aim to raise awareness and educate the public on how to help protect the marine ecosystem and why it is important.

Each guest will have their photograph taken by a professional photographer and the Marine Mammal Trainer will give a brief informal lecture. Programme duration varies between 15 mins to 4 hours with the dolphin interaction lasting no more than 25 minutes to avoid stressing the animals. For the safety of the animals and your comfort, always observe our Swim Attire Policy. Additionally, jewellery must not be worn at all times during the activity.

Dolphin Interaction programmes are available 4 times a day. Book now online for the best rates and skip the waiting list! More details can be found here.


We pay massive attention to the well-being of the animals entrusted by the government and the community to be under our care. As such, our facility includes the largest saltwater pool in Indonesia, multiple holding pools and a quarantine pool to serve as a home to the rescued animals entrusted to us.

​Bali Exotic Marine Park is an independent marine conservation institution. Through joint collaboration with our partners, Bali Exotic Marine Park continues to conduct conservation efforts through interactive & educational activities to raise public awareness. BEMP also maintains a mangrove nursery and regularly plant mangrove saplings around Benoa Bay.

We believe that education is an integral part of conserving nature. Our Interactive education programmes offers the public a chance to get an up close and personal encounter with these amazing animals. Through interactive learning, Bali Exotic Marine Park aims to help build our knowledge and appreciation of the marvellous variety of sea life.
We take pride in our ability to work to conserve the ecosystem while simultaneously supporting and contributing to the local economy. Through ecotourism, we are able to sustain more research, rescue and educational activities in the future to come.
The BEMP facility has been designed specifically to minimise our carbon footprint and pollutants. By means of technology and architecture, our building requires little air conditioning and we have also phased out the use of disposable plastics in our restaurant and plastic bags in our retail shop.


    1. Obey posted signs, boat speed limits and viewing guidelines when encountering wild dolphins.

    2. Do not harass or feed dolphins or try to entice them to bow-ride to avoid dependency on humans.

    3. Reduce your plastic use – stranded dolphins have been found dead with stomachs full of plastic and other indigestible inorganic matters.



Our Rescue team is pioneering work in marine animal rescues and rehabilitating injured and stranded animals often found in Bali’s coastline.

Call +62 85338833678 (9:00am to 5:00pm) or +62 85338833688 (After Hours).