Live streaming on Instagram at Bali Exotic Marine Park

Bali Exotic Marine Park live stream at Instagram. Current activities at the Bali Exotic Marine Park are on live stream on 28th April at Instagram provided by the responsible Bali KSDA office. A basic dedicated team around our dolphin trainer are taking care for the daily needs of our beloved dolphins and continue with the […]

Clean-up Beach Activity with Malu Dong Community


Denpasar, 10th October 2019 – Bali Exotic Marine Park and the Malu Dong community do their bit with beach cleanups on Muara Tangtu Beach. Bali Exotic Marine Park participated in a Beach Cleanup on 10th October 2019 on Muara Tangtu Beach. It was held in collaboration with the renowned Malu Dong community and attended by […]

Birthday Party at Amavi Resto & Lounge are Available


Birthday Party of Gathan’s Family on 27th September 2019. The party was lively and was attended by family and friends of Gathan’s parents. Gathan got a lot of presents on his 4th birthday. The Gathans Parents, Mr. Gian, and Mrs Nana said they were very happy to be able to celebrate Gathan’s birthday at Amavi […]

It’s Official: Bali Exotic Marine Park is now open!


DENPASAR, 19th September 2019 – A new marine mammal conservation and education centre is now open in Bali. Located in Southern Denpasar near the Benoa Harbour area, Bali Exotic Marine Park has the largest saltwater pool in Indonesia. 19th September marks the official opening date of Bali Exotic Marine Park. The modest opening ceremony was […]