Denpasar, 10th October 2019 – Bali Exotic Marine Park and the Malu Dong community do their bit with beach cleanups on Muara Tangtu Beach.

Bali Exotic Marine Park participated in a Beach Cleanup on 10th October 2019 on Muara Tangtu Beach. It was held in collaboration with the renowned Malu Dong community and attended by over 800 students from SMKN 4 Denpasar. This cleanup event is only the first of many initiatives to be held by Bali Exotic Marine Park. It is part of the organisation-wide effort and commitment to conserve the marine ecosystem and urge the public to take part in protecting our precious oceans.

Malu Dong community, (meaning: “Be Ashamed” in Indonesian) is a rising youth movement to rid the island of trash pollution. First initiated by Mr Bimo, the community now does more than just picking up trash. Through their action, they entice the public to be ashamed of littering. Particularly plastic and other inorganic waste which can not decompose.

Mr Bimo stated, plastic pollution could have been avoided if all members of the society would take part in proper trash disposal. Malu Dong Community expressed their concern over the current state of pollution and stressed the importance of proper trash disposal and separating organic and inorganic waste to be recycled. The Malu Dong community hoped that through their actions, they could raise the people’s awareness and for them to be ashamed of littering.

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