Frequently Asked Question

General & Ticketing

Can I book activities via WA, Phone or Email – without using the online booking system on this website?

Yes, please call or WA our Reservation Phone +62.853 3883 3678……. or email us!

How do I pay for my booked activities if I have NOT booked through our website online booking system?

You can pay for your booked activities via cash or credit card at our reception. 
Please Note: Payments have to be settled BEFORE any booked activities start. 

Is it possible for parties and special private events to be held within Bali Exotic Marine Park?

Yes. Please email your inquiry or call +62 853 3883 3678.

What are the operating hours for Bali Exotic Marine Park?

Our operating hours are from 10 am to 8 pm daily. Do note that interaction programs are subject to availability.

Visit our social media page for any latest updates. Alternatively call +62 (361) 8468883 or +62 853 3883 3678 or email us to inquire.

Where can I buy Dolphin Interaction tickets?

You can buy tickets online for the best deals and no queues via our Official Webpage or any major online travel agencies. Alternatively, you may also purchase your tickets on-site in the ticket booth which are subject to availability.

Can I buy tickets on the same day that I wish to interact with the dolphins?

Yes, but please note that tickets are subject to availability as there are a limited number of sessions per day. Please email us or call us during operating hours at +62 853 3883 3678 for information on our operating hours and session availability.

Alternatively, you may try and check for yourself on our Official Webpage.

Are there different prices for different days?

No. Prices are fixed and remain unaffected by demand fluctuation. Do note that just like airliners, our tickets are dated and time specific.

i.e. tickets booked for the 19th September 2019 at 10:00 am are only valid on 19th September 2019 at 10:00 am.

Complete Admission T&Cs can be found here.

Will tickets sold online be cheaper?

Yes, tickets sold online on our website and other Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) will be cheaper as compared to same-date ticket purchases in our ticket booth. To inquire or bookings, please email us or call us during operating hours at +62 853 3883 3678.

What are the accepted modes of payment?

For your convenience, the types of credit/debit cards that are accepted online are Visa and Mastercard. More payment options are accepted in the Ticket Booth. This includes cash in any major currencies and credit/debit cards by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and UnionPay.

Are tickets transferable?

Tickets are transferable in urgent circumstances and must be consented by the original ticketholder and the Manager in charge. Please view our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Are tickets refundable?

No, all sales are final, and tickets sold are not refundable. Exceptions apply, please view our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Will my Dolphin Interaction Program be affected by severe weather?

Yes. Programs may be postponed or rescheduled due to severe weather. If rescheduling is no longer possible, you are given the option of transferring your ticket to another person or a refund for your ticket.

I have a ticket and decided to visit Bali Exotic Marine Park another day. Is it possible?

Yes. Rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance and are subject to session availability. Alternatively, Ticket Transfer is possible if urgent. In that case, there must be consent from the original ticket holder and the Manager in charge. Otherwise, no-shows are charged 100% of their reservation amount.

What should I do if I lost something?

Please approach our friendly staff members. You can also visit the Front Desk counter at level 2 lobby to report your lost articles.

Bali Exotic Marine Park and the management shall not be held liable for any loss or damage done to your belongings due to negligence.

I lost my ticket and I forgot the booking confirmation number. Is there a way to retrieve it?

Your details are safe in our database, simply proceed to the Front Desk to verify your booking. You may be required to present the credit/debit card used for the purchase, email address and a valid identification card for verification.

Can I leave and re-enter Bali Exotic Marine Park?

It depends. If you are a guest of any of our common areas such as Gifts & Beyond store and Amavi Restaurant, you may enter and exit as you please. However, Dolphin Interaction Program participants who exit the park during a session will be denied re-entry and their sessions considered over.

For special private interaction programs with family and friends, terms and conditions can be reconsidered, please send your inquiry.

How early should I arrive before the program starts?

All Dolphin Interaction Program participants are advised to arrive at Bali Exotic Marine Park 1 hour prior to the scheduled session.

You should be ready in your swim attire at least 15 minutes before your session for briefing.

Are there any restaurants inside Bali Exotic Marine Park?

Yes, Amavi Restaurant is open every 9.30 am to 8 pm, serving a wide variety of International and Fusion dishes available for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Click here for Restaurant Details.

Are there any gift shops?

Yes, there is. Traditional Balinese art & craft, official merchandise, apparels, souvenirs and photo booth can be found in Gifts & Beyond store located at the exit of Bali Exotic Marine Park.

Activity Highlights

What do I need to bring for the Dolphin Interaction Programs?

You need to bring your own swim attire, goggles (if needed), and dry clothes. Fresh towels are provided free of charge.

Be ready in your swim attire at least 15 minutes before the start of your activity. All personal belongings are to be stored in lockers. For your convenience and the safety of our dolphins, loose items such as earrings, necklaces and other jewelry are NOT allowed in the lagoon during the session.

What should I wear during the Dolphin Interaction Programs?

The permitted swimming attire are full-body wet suits, board shorts and t-shirts, bodysuits, beach bikinis and other appropriate swimwear.

Underwear, Jeans, Jackets, and anything with exposed zippers are not allowed.

For details, please refer to our Swim Attire Policy.

How long will the water experience be?

In-water interaction with the dolphins will range from 20 to 35 minutes per session at most to avoid stressing our animals.

Can I bring my own flotation device?

Yes, but you do not need to. All participants of the Dolphin Interaction programs will be provided with life jackets, which are available in international sizing from S to XL. Just remember to bring extra clothes and comply with our Swim Attire Policy.

Do I need to know how to swim/float?

No, you do not. Our staff will always be there to assist you. However, it is important that you do not have a fear of water or a habit of panicking in deep waters.

Can I wear sunscreen lotion during the interaction programs?

Please refrain from wearing any sunscreen lotions during your session as it will affect our water quality. However, if you have already applied sunscreen, you can use the showers to rinse it off.

How many dolphins will I get to meet?

There will be two dolphins and one trainer assigned to a group per session.

How many people is in the interaction group per each session?

There will be no more than 8 individuals per group per session. Rest assured that we will ensure each person have enough time to interact with the dolphins.

Are there age, height, or weight restrictions for the Dolphin Interaction Programs?

For safety, age restrictions do apply. Guests who do not meet the requirements will be offered an alternative suitable Dolphin Interaction Programs, though no refunds will be provided.

Please confirm and be sure to see our Admission T&C’s and Refund & Cancellation Policy before booking an interaction programs.

Scroll down to see our Policy for Pregnant Women, Children, and Infant participation.

Can pregnant women participate in any Dolphin Interaction programs? Is a doctor’s letter required?

For safety reasons, pregnant women are not recommended to participate in our activities. To participate, an indemnity form must be filled and signed. A doctor’s letter may also be requested, though it is not compulsory.

What is the policy for children and infants?

Children below 12 years may participate in all activities except Dolphin Journey. During any of these activities, the child will be under the care of our Lifeguards.

Infants below 4 years old are not allowed in any kind of activities. Infants may participate only if the parent or guardian agrees to sign a waiver and indemnity form. In such cases, the infant will not be charged any fee and the parent acknowledges any risk associated with the participation of their child.

Are there areas in Bali Exotic Marine Park for guests with disabilities?

Bali Exotic Marine Park will make every effort to provide any assistance for persons with physical impairment to ensure an enjoyable experience. However, another primary paying guest must be present. Additionally, please notify us early during your booking process via phone call or email us!

Are there shower facilities in Bali Exotic Marine Park?

Outdoor and indoor shower facilities are available on-site.

Am I allowed to bring a camera?

No. For the safety of our animals, all personal photography devices other than mobile phones such as DSLRs, GoPro Action Cam and drones are to be stored in the designated lockers or in your vehicle. Always ask for authorization from any of our staff members before taking any footage.

Professional Media Crew is exempt from this policy upon the management’s consent.

Can my friends and family take photos while I’m in a Dolphin Interaction session?

No, cameras other than your smartphone is not allowed within our premise. A professional photographer will be with you during the experience to take photos. After each session, you will receive a soft copy picture of your choice FREE of charge as a souvenir. Additional photos may be purchased in the booth inside our souvenir shop.

Are there any lockers I can use to store my items onsite?

Yes, a locker will be provided for each participant to store any of your personal belongings during the programs.

Animal Welfare

What is the water quality and properties in the dolphin habitat?

In Bali Exotic Marine Park, our dolphins’ well-being is our top priority. Thus, we pay massive attention to our water quality. Bali Exotic Marine Park complies to the animal care guides issued by the General Directorate of BKSDA. Moreover, to adapt to international standards, Bali Exotic Marine Park made extensive use of the Animal Care Blue Book by the USDA as an additional source of reference for information that may not be covered in Perdirjen P.16-year 2014 by the Indonesian Government.

The following is the details regarding water quality and properties in our dolphin habitat.

  • pH : 7.2-8.2
  • Salinity : 25-34 ppm
  • CupriSulfat : 1 – 2 ppm
  • Ammonia : <0.5 ppm
  • Nitrite : <0.5 ppm

The water is sourced directly from the nearby Benoa Bay and further processed with a dedicated filtration system on-site to achieve the optimum cleanliness and clarity. To be specific, the water and waste management in operation is a closed system. Meaning the seawater in the habitat is circulated through the filtration system continuously at all times and remains unaffected by external conditions in the open sea. Thereafter, the dirty water is redirected to a waste treatment plant.

How were the dolphins in the habitat obtained?

The rescued dolphins in our habitats are classified as the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops aduncus). They were entrusted to us upon rescue and our operation is approved and supervised by the Indonesian equivalent of Natural Resources Conservation Services Department in the United States, locally known as BKSDA which is under the direct supervision of Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

What are the underlying reasons for captivity and are there any plans for their release?

There are multiple reasons for captivity. Firstly, it helps in research and education purposes. It allows access to an undisturbed research and observation, enriching our knowledge, understanding and appreciation of these animals. Secondly, the public get full access to observe dolphins closely with ease, serving the purpose of education. In addition, Captivity eliminates the need for long trips to the ocean and boat rides that pollutes marine ecosystems and disturbs wildlife population.                         

As part of our mission to conserve, breeding and release projects will be introduced in the near future.

What is their primary diet in the lagoon?

The dolphins in Bali Exotic Marine Park are provided with fresh fish sourced from sustainable fisheries from the nearby Benoa Harbour and Java. The types of fish given varies depending on the season. It often includes a combination of the Yellow-striped Trevally, Common Chub Mackerel, and Balinese Sardines (Lemuru). Each dolphin could consume anywhere from 6-8% of their body weight in fish daily. Additionally, the dolphins’ diet is supplemented with a fortified feed that is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet.

What is the lagoon’s dimension?

Bali Exotic Marine Park operates in accordance with the Dolphin Exhibition Guide and Dolphin Care Guide issued in 2014 by the General Director of BKSDA directorate office under the code Perdirjen P.16 year 2014. It specifically determines the minimum area and size requirement for dolphin habitats and standard care for dolphins, effective in whole of Indonesian territories.

Additionally, Bali Exotic Marine Park also made extensive use of the Animal Care Blue Book issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as an additional external reference. As such, we are proud to say that a lagoon with a total area of 748 with 3 m depth is built to house our dolphins. Additionally, there are two holding pools with an area of 60 each. This is suitable to house up to 8 dolphins and 32 participants in any given time.


I am interested in collaborating and partnering with Bali Exotic Marine Park, who should I contact?

For corporate relations, partnership and negotiations, contact our sales and marketing department via email or call +62 853 3883 3688.

I would like to work with Bali Exotic Marine Park, who should I contact?

We are always on the lookout for young talents to work together. For more information, please contact us via email 

To apply, click here.

Is smoking allowed in Bali Exotic Marine Park?

Yes, but only in certain areas of the park as marked. Bali Exotic Marine Park is strongly against smoking and it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED near the lagoon and dolphin habitat. Violators will be fined and escorted off our property by security.

Please ask our staff for designated smoking areas!

Are pets and animals allowed within Bali Exotic Marine Park?

NO pets or animals are allowed within the Parks premises. Guide Dogs are welcome!

Where is Bali Exotic Marine Park located?

Bali Exotic Marine Park is located on Jalan Bali Eksotik, Pedungan, 80222 Denpasar, Bali – Indonesia

You can also find us on Google Maps.


Bali Exotic Marine Park is located in the Benoa Harbour area and is reachable via:

  • By Our Transport:

Bali Exotic Marine Park runs a free pick-up service for guests who have pre-booked their activity with a minimum of 2 persons.
Please Note: Our free pick up from your hotel can be provided for the South Bali areas of Sanur, Denpasar, Jimbaran, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Seminyak only! For further destinations please contact as to agree a reasonable fee with our responsible team.

Do note that a minimum of two paying customers is required to be eligible for a free pick-up service. Extra charges apply for guests who do not meet this requirement, or if your hotel is beyond our reach. 

  • By Taxi, Car or Motorbike (from Denpasar):
  1. From the major Benoa intersection, head South towards the Bali Mandara Toll Road via Jalan Pelabuhan Benoa.
  2. Follow the road straight for approximately 750m, Bali Exotic Marine Park will be on your left side.
  3. Make a left turn into Jalan Bali Eksotik and continue straight until you reach the park at the end of the drive.
  • By Taxi, Car or Motorbike (from Airport and Nusa Dua):
  1. On the Bali Mandara Toll Road, take the exit towards Downtown Denpasar.
  2. Upon exiting the Toll Road, prepare to take the right-most lane and continue straight for 1.2 km until you see a U-Turn
  3. Take the U-Turn and Bali Exotic Marine Park will be in the immediate left side of the road.
  4. Make a left turn into Jalan Bali Eksotik and continue straight until you reach the park at the end of the drive