DENPASAR, 19th September 2019 – A new marine mammal conservation and education centre is now open in Bali. Located in Southern Denpasar near the Benoa Harbour area, Bali Exotic Marine Park has the largest saltwater pool in Indonesia.

19th September marks the official opening date of Bali Exotic Marine Park. The modest opening ceremony was attended by representatives from the Denpasar Municipality and the Directorate General of the Indonesian Environmental Protection Agency (KSDAE), Ir. Wiratno, MSc., who signed an inscription on a stone tablet and cut a ribbon as a symbolic move to mark the opening of the park. The General Director, Ida Bagus Putu Agastya, Thursday (19/9) commented that the establishment’s primary purpose is to educate the public of the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem through interactive learning experience with animals, specifically dolphins.

In addition, the park also serves as a conservation and rescue facility. Where rescued animals can be housed and cared for in preparation for their eventual release to their natural home range.

Right now, Bali Exotic Marine Park is equipped with one unit of interactive pool that is 748 square meters in surface area and 3 meters deep, making it the single largest saltwater pool facility in Indonesia. Additionally, there are two holding pools, a separate quarantine pool, and a dedicated laboratorium. Outside the pools, an upscale restaurant and a souvenir shop are also available.

The Park’s General Director went on to say that he hopes that Bali Exotic Marine Park as a certified conservation institution could keep educating the public on the matters of marine environment and wildlife protection while also contribute to the island’s thriving tourism sector.

Meanwhile, The Minister of Environment and Forestry of Indonesia, Ms Siti Nurbaya, who was represented by Ir. Wiratno, MSc., mentioned in her letter that she supports the inauguration and opening ceremony of Bali Exotic Marine Park. Especially considering the fact that they had gone through all the official procedures to obtain a complete legal permit, albeit it took a while to do so.

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