Marine Rescue & Protection Foundation


The Marine Rescue & Protection Foundation (MRPF) is an independent institution created from the joint collaboration between many local organisations who share a common goal of marine ecosystem protection.

MRPF as an NGO is fully committed to the protection and conservation of the delicate balance in a marine ecosystem. Working closely with BEMP & its partners, our team is pioneering work in marine animal rescue and marine ecosystem protection in Bali through constant research & public awareness campaign.


We envision MRPF to be the single largest NGO in Bali to work towards preserving and protecting the marine ecosystem, particularly intelligent marine species such as dolphins and other members of the cetacean family.

As a form of commitment, MRPF together with Bali Exotic Marine Park will serve as:

  1. Rescue centre for any injured marine animals that are unfortunate enough to be affected by pollution, illegal hunting, and other man-caused harmful activities.
  2. Rehabilitation centre to prepare the animals for an eventual release whenever possible.
  3. Conserving environment by sharing knowledge and raising awareness regarding the marine ecosystem to persuade the public to preserve our precious oceans and the creatures living in it.


1. Be Considerate
Obey posted signs, boat speed limits and viewing guidelines when encountering wild dolphins

2. Reduce your plastic use
Animals have been found dead ashore with their abdominal cavity full of plastic and other indigestible inorganic matters. Recycling is good, reducing your usage is even better! Check with an external fact sheet, here.

3. Switch to renewable energy
You don’t need articles and citations to know that fossil fuel is bad. Switch to renewables or use public transport, NOW!

4. Consume less meat, dairy & animal products
The food on your plate accounts for roughly 24% of the changes we see and feel in climate change. See how your diet could affect the climate and what you can do to help, here.
Cattle, Carbon, and Climate. How do they relate? Click here.

5. Volunteer Work with NGOs
Join us to help! We accept interns & volunteers from all backgrounds. Stay tuned on our social media for updates on events and email us to join!

6. Please Help with Donate
Chat with us now how to donate for our foundation. Every little help counts! Please contact us via email