1. All visitors who participate in any of our Dolphin Interaction Programmes and activities must fill in and sign a waiver.
  2. Infants (<3 years) are advised not to take part in any of our activities for safety reasons.
  3. Infants (<3 years) may participate in any of our activities with a written and signed letter of approval by parent / legal guardian that states that the management is not liable for any injury that may arise from participating in our programmes.
  4. Children (4-12 years) may only participate in Encounter, Observer, and Discovery Interaction Programmes and will be supervised by our staff without additional cost.
  5. Any form of unauthorized photography and videography is not allowed, especially in the lagoon. Your device may be confiscated temporarily upon violation.
  6. Pregnant women and women who are suspected to be pregnant are advised not to participate for safety reasons. They may participate upon filing and signing a compulsory indemnity form.
  7. Under no circumstances that visitors who have a medical history of epilepsy, seizures, and other similar illnesses will be allowed to participate for safety reasons.
  8. You are expected to abide by the local regulations, follow company policy & guidelines while you are in Bali Exotic Marine Park.
  9. By purchasing the ticket either online or offline, we assume that you have read all of our admission terms & conditions.
  10. Breach of any of these terms & conditions may result in denial of entry and your ticket deemed invalid. In such cases, no request for refund will be entertained.

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